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Travaillez mieux. Plus vite. Sans vous ruiner.

La structure modulaire de Vitalitrack vous permet d’implanter un programme de suivi individualisé et de gérer votre programme sport-santé le plus économiquement possible. Vous ne payez que pour les modules dont vous avez besoin et pouvez ajouter de nouvelles fonctionnalités à tout moment.

Pack Évaluation

Gestion des tests d'évaluation
  • Évaluation des  aptitudes physiques, capacité fonctionnelle, la santé et la performance
  • Utilisation de vos propres tests physiques ou physiologiques et des formules de calcul, protocoles et normes préférés.
  • Collecte des résultats via tablette, PC, Mac ou smartphone; importation de résultats antérieurs
  • Production de bilans, tableaux et graphiques individuels et collectifs
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Full Pack

Tous les modules, toutes les fonctionnalités
  • Accès complet et illimité à tous les modules disponibles. PLUS…
  • Gestion et suivi des blessures et incidents médicaux
  • Création de questionnaires, enquêtes et sondages personnalisés
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*Tarifs par participant et par an pour tout abonnements de 10 à 500 participants. Contactez-nous pour recevoir un devis personnalisé.



Cloud-based software. One-time fee plus a small yearly renewal fee.


Fee based on the number of participants the required package


Free accounts for stadd and administrators


Volume pricing available


I have specific questions I need answered before making a purchase. How can I ask them?

That’s easy. Simply contact us anytime and we will be happy to answer any question you may have.

Are there any additional set up, upgrade or maintenance fees?
Absolutely not. The price you see is the price you pay. There are no additional set-up or maintenance fees associated with your plan and all feature updates for your plan are completely free.
What level of support comes with my subscription plan?

All plans receive free product upgrades, tutorials, and technical assistance. All plans come with email, Skype and phone support during regular business hours.

Can I use this system to track metrics from third party software?

Absolutely. With AthleteMonitoring.com you can monitor custom metrics and import data from any device or third party software. Some examples are provided here. Custom metrics can also be added to the Risk & Readiness dashboard at anytime.

What is your refund policy?

We offer no-questions-asked refunds to all customers within 30 days of your purchase. If you are not satisfied with our product, then simply send us an email and we will refund your purchase right away. If you are not thrilled with the product or are not enjoying the experience, then we have no interest in forcing you to stay an unhappy customer.

We need custom features that are not currently available in the system. Can you add them for us?

No problem. Our system designers and engineers can quickly tailor existing functionalities or develop additional features to match your needs. Please contact us for further information.

How do you keep data private and secure?

We use multi-factor authentication, IP protection, 256 bit SSL encryption, intrusion detection, minimum password strength algorithms, CAPTCHA protection on failed login for DOS threats, multi-server/geography daily back-ups and much more. You get the picture, we take security very seriously. You can find out more about our security measures here.

Can FITSTATS integrate with any other software?

Have an integration in mind? Let us know. We can build any custom functionality quickly and we’d love to work with you to build the custom solution that you need. Get in touch today.


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