Introducing AM’s New Athlete Assessment and Reporting System











We are very pleased to announce the release of AthleteMonitoring’s new advanced athlete assessment and reporting system.

This 100% customizable assessment module will help you to:

  • Track progression to any fitness, performance or health tests and measures
  • Use your own tests, batteries, standards, formulas
  • Use your own terminology, reports and explanatory texts
  • Generate crisp-looking team and individual reports and graphs to monitor progress, identity meaningful changes, motivate athletes and simplify decision-making
  • And much more…

Learn more

Download the quick start guide(pdf).

Try it out!

This new module will be offered as an add-on to the existing AthleteMonitoring platform as well as a stand-alone online assessment tool. To request a price quote, a system walk-through or a free 15-day trial, visit or click here.

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