A New Approach to Player Readiness and Risk Assessment

We are very pleased to announce the release of AthleteMonitoring.com’s new team readiness dashboard, the first software to include acute:chronic workload ratios in the risk assessment logic.

Based on the latest work by sports scientist Dr Tim Gabbett the Team Readiness Dashboard combines athletes’ self-reported overall wellness score, current health status and evidence-based workload metrics (acute:chronic workload ratios and week-to-week load increase) to provide an holistic picture of each athlete’s level of risk and readiness.

Alerts and dashboards are updated in real-time using individual planned and reported data.

Evidence-based algorithms are used by the dashboard to detect issues and to identify athletes who aren’t coping well with their current workload (and to explain why), those who are not training at their full potential, or those are 100% ready to perform.

Free Demo available, click here to learn more.